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Getting started with FPV drones

Short, overly simplified, TL;DR*  version

*too long; didn’t read

If you’re in/near Sydney…

Learn to fly FPV - Beginner's Masterclass

Getting into FPV is a little challenging. Let us make it easier for you.

Longer but more entertaining version

We get asked all the time…

“So, what drone should I build/buy first?”

Real world answer: DON’T BUILD or BUY a DRONE YET.

We actually do not recommend building or buying a drone first at all. Nada, zip, zilch. The first thing you want to do is to purchase a decent radio controller. It is a worthy investment that’ll last as long as you don’t accidentally drop it off a balcony. We recommend this:


Jumper T Pro JP4IN1 Multi-protocol module Radio Controller


Available on back-order

Earn 509^ points.

Some will debate, why recommend a radio that is over $150 as my first radio? We simply see that a radio controller as a worthwhile, long-term investment. There is a good chance, that you’ll never need to buy another radio until you accidentally break it. Really.

The Jumper T Pro has more features than you’ll ever need for the first few years of your journey into the world of FPV. Heck, it’ll even fly your fixed wing and RC helis if that ever becomes an interest in the future.

Some simple words to live by:

“Buy once, or buy twice.”

There are just the thing, that you’d want to buy right the first time, and not have to end up out-growing the investment and needing to buy again a short time after.

Now, go spend 30 hours on a simulator…

lift off screen cap mantisfpv
Our go-to simulator is still Lift-off. Simply spend a good stack of hours on a simulator until your fingers bleed. Then, do it again. And again. This is where you want to make all your big mistakes.

You’re going to get angry…

Your first few hours will be frustrating. You’ll be cursing a lot. Better start pre-paying that swear jar at home. However, a moment of an elevated realisation will suddenly manifest itself. You’ll be suddenly saying – hey I got this! I’m doing it! I’m flying by thought! My fingers and sticks are doing what I’m thinking. This is one of those glorious moments in life when you transition from frustration to utter joy. Life is good.

You might not like it

There is a slim chance, that you might not like any of this. If this is where you decide to bail out. After all, you’ve only invested on a remote controller, some software, and lost a few years of your life swearing at a simulator. No great love lost.

Who are we kidding?! You’re gonna love it!

You’ll want to (you can’t wait to) build your first freestyle quad. We’ll be posting more guides soon about building your first quad, or simply buying a ready made one. In the meantime...

Reach out, we’re human.

Guys, simply reach out to us, and we’ll help you. Seriously.


  1. ” My fingers and sticks are doing what I’m thinking.”

    I remember that exact moment 🙂

  2. I love this! Recently got into FPV and have been looking around for more online stores as most don’t even offer AFTERPAY! Or stock anything that I’m looking for.


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