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DOGCOM Batteries, fresh in!

DOGCOM’s quality, reliability and low weight has been a great choice for all types of FPV pilots, from racing to freestylers alike.


FatStrap! Custom FPV Goggle straps

Made in the USA, these premium grade custom straps for your DJI FPV goggles, FatSharks or SkyZone are DA BOMB. Exclusive to MantisFPV.

Meet the team that make all this happen.

Here, we shall share with you the journey we’ve taken to where we are now.
- MantisFPV Team

iFlight Pre-built, Electronics & Accessories

iFlight is an all rounder and super power (in terms of the FPV drone market). From motors to frames, ESCs to backpacks, fully built drones to educational packs. iFlight truly covers almost all things FPV.

FPV Beginner's Masterclass

A half-day beginner's masterclass gets you experiencing all things FPV, under the guidance and safety of our experts.

What the heck do I buy?!

Not easy to buy gifts for fellow FPV pilots. Here's an easy way, delivered instantly. ***not an actual card***

We are the official ToolkitRC Repair Centre

We are now the official home of the ToolkitRC Official Warranty and Repair centre for Australia and New Zealand. Get support much closer to home.

FPV products on SALE

Sometimes, you just want a bargain. Here are all our products currently ON SALE.

New freshly minted FPV parts

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Flight Controllers

Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs)


Power Distribution Boards (PDBs)

Voltage Regulators

GPS modules


LED Lighting




Goggles & Accessories

Video Receivers (VRX)

Video Transmitters (VTX)


Lens Replacements

DJI Digital FPV

DJI Compatible Parts


Radio Controllers

Radio Transmitters Modules (TX)

Radio Antennas

Radio Receivers (RX)

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If you’re in/near Sydney…

You can just come and say hi...

We’re not shy, come visit us. We have fun things to do!

Learn to fly FPV - Beginner's Masterclass

Getting into FPV is a little challenging. Let us make it easier for you.

One to one - FPV coaching session

A dedicated time and space to get all your FPV questions answered and coached.
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