FPV parts online and in-store. Sydney rules!

Terms and Conditions

MantisFPV is providing a professional repair and testing service for your drone.

After the service is completed, MantisFPV will not be liable for any damages. All necessary tests and checks are completed before the drone is returned to you.

Any modifications you make to the drone are your responsibility, and MantisFPV will not be liable for issues that may arise.

Repairs may void the original manufacturer’s warranty.

FPV repairs are complex and can have various methods. MantisFPV will endeavour to repair diligently and with care.

The quoted repair time is only an estimate and may be extended. If so, MantisFPV will inform you.

MantisFPV is not responsible for transit damages. Items are checked upon arrival and dispatch, with any issues noted immediately.

FPV gear becomes outdated rapidly. We reserve the right to deny repair to equipment that is outdated or no longer supported by the manufacturer.

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