Let’s face it. Every new endeavour be it sporting or hobby will almost certainly need a “buddy” or mentor to help get started. A good one too. One who is not a douche. One who is happy to elevate others. One who just seemed like he/she just knew it all when it came to FPV and its parts, the software that is associated with it and more. I was no different.

Had it not been for the guidance of Kelvin and Paul, I would’ve not seen myself knee deep in the world of FPV. And… I’m still learning. I am yet to (at this time of writing) even try out FPV racing. But soon enough, I shall.

We need mentors. We do. Good ones too. So, we’d like to facilitate that.

We would like to help, this is how

* Discounts applies to all products with some exclusions, such as to those already on-sale items. The discount entitlement is only valid whilst on the mentorship program. You must maintain an 80+ satisfaction rating given by your students (because nobody likes a crappy teacher).

If you are worthy…

If you are a worthy FPV Mentor, and wouldn’t mind getting discounts from Mantis FPV while you’re at it, and you feel like you have a purpose and want to make a difference, then, let’s get cracking.

Become an FPV Mentor

  • Please show us your work. Place your Facebook, Instagram or YouTube channel links here (in any combination, or any other sharing platforms)
  • No need to write an essay, but it'd be great to understand if you have a "why". What motivates you to want to help others?
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Don’t forget to also join our official Mentor and Mentee Facebook group.

We are super excited to popularise FPV to as many people as possible.

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