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Kotking 15ml Water Resistant Coating


KOTKING is a waterproof coating for remote control electronics. It’s designed to shield your devices from water and prevent short circuits when the weather is bad or if your FPV equipment lands in water.

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Kotking 15ml Water Resistant Coating

KOTKING is a waterproof coating for remote control electronics. It’s designed to shield your devices from water and prevent short circuits when the weather is bad or if your FPV equipment lands in water. The coating is made from silicone, which also helps to cool down the electronics and can be taken off when you need to work on your FPV gear.

Please note that it should not be used on wiring harness connectors.

The product comes as a clear, silicone-based liquid in a 15ml tube. It takes 15-20 minutes to dry. The package includes the coating, a stick for application, a cone-shaped tip, a brush for applying the coating, and protective caps for USB-C and standard USB ports.


  • Compatible with electronics and camera components.
  • Can be easily removed for tasks such as soldering and USB connections.
  • Aids in heat dissipation for all components.
  • Shields electronics from moisture.
  • Supplied in a 15ml tube.


  • Colour: Clear / Transparent
  • Material: Silicone-Based
  • Dry Time: 15-20 Minutes
  • Volume: 15ml


  • 1x KOTKING Splashproof R/C Coating for Electronics (15ml)
  • 1 x Wooden Application Stick
  • 1x Cone Application Tip
  • 1x Application Brush
  • 1x TPU USB-C Cap
  • 1x TPU USB Cap

How to Apply KOTKING:

  • Disassembly: Start by disassembling all the components to which you want to apply KOTKING. There’s no need to unsolder anything.
  • Surface Preparation: Clean all the surfaces thoroughly to ensure they are free from dust, oil, moisture, or any other contaminants. You can use an air blower, brush, or cloth for this step.
  • Even Application: Apply KOTKING evenly and slowly to all the components such as the flight controller, VTX, and camera boards.
  • Smoothing: To achieve an even coating, you can use a tiny brush or a wooden stick to spread KOTKING over the components.
  • Balanced Position: Place the coated components in a balanced position and allow them to dry for approximately 15-20 minutes. You can repeat the same process for the other side if needed.
  • FPV Camera Coating: If you want to coat an FPV camera, apply KOTKING to the camera connector, the camera case, especially focusing on the connection between the case and the FPV camera focus ring.

Note: Ensure that you complete one side of the application before moving on to the other side, allowing KOTKING to dry in between.

Warning: Coat at your own risk. MantisFPV does not take any responsibility if you send it through a waterfall and it short-circuits.

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